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  • At the end of the Premium free trial, if you are convinced that forDiabetes can help you better manage diabetes, you may choose a paid plan, otherwise you will continue with the Basic plan (free). There will be no automatic renewal.
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forDiabetes Key features

A personalized tool that offers a total solution to the management of diabetes!
free forever
annual plan $1.99/m

Mobile application

Logbook of diabetes data
Bluetooth/NFC connection with glucometers
Advanced reminders
Integration with 3rd party apps (Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit)
Personalized goal tracking with progress charts
Data export in CSV for the past 30 days
Use of forDiabetes Smart Assistant (Amazon Alexa)
Real-time backup
HbA1c estimation
Bolus calculator
Emergency SOS
Coming soon

Web application

Manage account and profile
Logbook of diabetes data
Advanced reports (filters, charts, statistics)
Filter and export all data in different formats (PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML)
Data sharing with your health-care providers
HbA1c estimation
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