healthy eating


Healthy diet for diabetics

There are several healthy eating plans that are recommended for people with diabetes, such as the Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) […]

Healthy eating for people with diabetes

Eating a healthy diet is essential for people with diabetes, as it helps to control blood sugar levels and prevent complications such as heart disease and […]

Cut down on added sugar

We know cutting out sugar can be really hard at the beginning, so small practical swaps are a good starting point when you’re trying to cut […]

Choose healthier fats

We all need fat in our diet because it gives us energy. But different types of fat affect our health in different ways. Healthier fats are […]

Eat more fruit and vegetables

We know eating fruit and veg is good for you. It’s always a good thing to eat more at meal times and have them as snacks […]

Eat less red and processed meat

If you’re cutting down on carbs, you might start to have bigger portions of meat to fill you up. But it’s not a good idea to […]

Eat less salt

Eating lots of salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which in turn increases risk of heart diseases and stroke. And when you have […]

Choose healthier carbohydrates

All carbs affect blood glucose levels so it’s important to know which foods contain carbohydrates. Choose the healthier foods that contain carbs and be aware of […]

Tips for healthy eating with diabetes

There are different types of diabetes, and no two people with diabetes are the same. So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all ‘diabetes diet’ for everyone with diabetes. […]